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              Thing's are not going as planed, I don't know what to do anymore... Starting to get very depressed. I can't believe I'm writing this online. I never share my true raw thoughts ever, i deff don't keep a journal. I tryed keeping a journal one time, I was in rehab (duel) when i was about 16/17, I started keeping one there, I really like it, but than when i went home and things started getting bad again, my grandmother went through my room and found it, the thing's she read was the most personal things of the life, I was modified  Talked about my drug use and all the horrible things she has no idea about. So never again will I do that, but I really like this site, and right now I never no one to talk to, I'm close to one of my cousins but she's goin through so crazy shit and has been ignoring me, which kills me inside cuz i feel like shes bailing on me, shes done this to me before. I called and texted to sayin kay i need help please answer me and still nothing  so selfish. She has her own problems i know, her mother passed like mine as well, she has eating disorders, etc... mental heath issues. But we were so close just 2 weeks ago, joined to the hip than she just left me again. I'm so depressed about of all this shit, I'm find it so hard to stop use, I'm lost...

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