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My mother was beautiful, talented, gifted in so many ways from drawing, decorating, and being a great person, cared for all (esp animals). She had a lot of struggles though, she was a heroin addict, but my mom was different and thats why I have so so so much respect for her and we were so close, i could tell her anything. Most kids grow up to hate there parents for what they did, but not me I knew she was doing the best she could and at a very young age i was sooo smart and knew what was happening at all times! She never missed a bday party, Xmas, anything! She made sure i had the best of everything (no matter how she got them money) She was a hustler but anyone that walked into our house was amazed , because they new my mom struggled with many drugs and etc...But we still had it all and ur boyfriend was a corrections officer for lifers (but a good one) I always seen her picking herself back up, and getting help. thats were i get it from. She tough me soo much, prob more than a kid needed to know, but i would never take it back because it has made me so wise, everything she said comes true. She gave me that gift to save my life, cuz now instead of reliving all that bull shit, i already know what could happen to me...
My mom have HIV, hep C, and it all lead to cancer so she fought and fought, all she wanted was to see me graduate from high school and she did, i graduated with a scholarship too! :) But after i graduated a year after she started falling apart, she slipped into a coma, i headed to her house to see her cause my step father told me tonight might be the night and it was, i was there for three hours watching her trying to talk and moving around, hospice said that its rare for her to be moving at all. It looked like she was tryin to talk and tell us something, so I knee led down and told her "mom I'm ok, everythings going to be ok, I love you with all my heart ma, and its ok to go. John's here from me, Its ok to pass ma, I love you" and right after that she started with the "death gurgle" and past right in front of me, my step dad and grandmother are like are you sure, i said "YES! shes gone"! The worst day off my life.....
Now without her i have no one i can each out to, i need her help soo badly right now, I need my mother :...(( RIP Denise F. Juliano the best mother anyone could ever have! xoxox

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